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2019-2020 Meet Calendar

  • Saturday January 25th & Sunday January 26th, 2020  -  Junior/Senior Championship and 13/15 Age Group Invitational  -  Wheaton College Norton, MA

  • Friday February 7th - Sunday February 9th  -  East Zone 13/15 Age Group Championships  -  Andover YMCA- Andover, MA.

  • Friday March 6th, Saturday March 7th, Sunday March 8th  -  East Zone Jr/Sr. Championship  -  New Canaan YMCA- New Canaan, CT

  • Friday March 14th, Saturday March 15th, Sunday March 16th  -  Intermediate East Zone Invitational  - Wheaton College, MA

  • March 27th-29th US Senior National Championships- Mesa, AZ.

  • Saturday, April 4th  -  BGCN Aquamarines 51st Annual Watershow  -  Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua, Nashua, NH

  • Saturday May 16th, Sunday May 17th  -  INT/ AG Regional Championships  -  Andover YMCA, Andover, MA

  • Friday June 5th, Saturday June 6th, Sunday June 8th  -  INT East Zone Championships  -  Hamden, CT

  • June 27th- July 4th -  Junior Olympics  - Gainesville, FL

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